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What type of student goes to Lighthouse?
Lighthouse Academy of Nations is for high school students, ages 13 to 21, and who are willing to work hard to improve their academics. We provide them with high-quality instruction in a caring, learning community so they can excel academically, pursue post-secondary education, and become responsible world citizens.
How long has Lighthouse been open?
Lighthouse Academy of Nations opened September 6, 2005. Today we are continuing to drive towards becoming one of the premier charter schools in Minnesota by strengthening our curriculum, building strong disciplinary guidelines, and strengthening college preparatory procedures.
What is a Charter school?
Charter schools are independent public schools. Like public schools, there is no cost to attend and it is open to all students. A charter school must be approved for operation by the state department of education and is part of that state system. It is governed by a board of directors which are elected from among the teachers, parents, and community members. In Minnesota, teachers in charter schools must meet the same licensing requirements as public school teachers.
What transportation does Lighthouse provide?
School buses are provided to get to and from school. In addition, Lighthouse is conveniently located on several bus lines and is near the Hiawatha light rail line.
What languages are spoken at Lighthouse?
The staff at Lighthouse Academy of Nations is truly culturally diverse. We speak many languages including Arabic, English, Ewe, French, German, Hmong, Spanish, Somali, and Thai.

Lighthouse Academy of Nations
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